What’s new pussycat?

Foto credits: Hilde Atalanta (The vulva gallery)

Goddesses we are (Wij godinnen international). Scroll door naar beneden naar de volgende blogpost om deze in het Nederlands te lezen.

Disclaimer: this blog is not a paid promotion. I recommend a product because I think it is fantastic!

Namasté goddess,

The subject of genitals is still quite a sensitive one to talk about. There are still too many people who look at their own body with disgust. Women are the great champions when it comes to this. How is it possible that the partner of a woman appreciates her lady parts more than she does herself? That’s terrible and it should change. This organ is beautiful and not a big deal to me. Anymore.

There are so many different ways to talk about your pussy. For many of us even the medical terms vulva and vagina are hard to say. It’s not my favorite, but do you dare to say CUNT? No big deal either, from a strictly verbal point of view.

I love myself. I love my vagina. It took years before I started to appreciate her and could embrace both my femininity and sexuality. I had to let go of everything I had learned to rediscover her. I had to relearn how to touch her so her energy could flow again. What a pleasure! I really wish that upon every woman.

Dear woman, do you have any idea how much power you and her together have? The seat of your creativity is there. It makes manifestation possible. You simply own the portal of life! Human creation is possible because of her. People are even willing to pay lots of money to have a moment or two with her. This is how powerful she is. Now you know why people from ancient times (mostly men) have done everything to limit this power…

I’m reading the book ‘A celebration of vulva diversity’ by the Dutch artist Hilde Atalanta. She has immortalized hundreds of vulvas in watercolor with the personal story of the goddesses themselves. It is very educational; she discusses anatomy and functions of the vulva and vagina. She also debunks myths / prejudices with facts. It’s a must for goddesses of all ages. So they know that they do are completely normal!

I feel very strongly that this is ‘my’ subject. I’ll write about this more often so please get used to it. In the meantime … Get in touch with your pussy, your kitten. Feed her and give her a well earned pat. Purr.


Plant that seed, make it grow and let it blossom…