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Youniverse 🎥

Namasté godin,

The universe is infinite

and has yet to be fully discovered.

Planet earth is just a tiny speck in it…

With blue skies and carpets of green.

Trees connecting sky and earth.

Leaving lots of oxygen particles circulating in between

waves of energy.

Oxygen that keeps us alive

pumping right through our veins.

All living beings are like trees

connecting sky and earth.

Walk as if you’re kissing the earth with your feet ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

barefoot, earthing, grounded.

This is the closest you will get to her while being alive

recharging with beautiful negative ions, uncharging stress.

You are not just a separate entity that happens to touch her soil

we happen to be part of something immensely big.

You and her are intertwined, inseparable

she feeds you, you breathe her

Love her, save her, respect mother earth

feed her and she will breathe you.

It is called you-niverse for a reason.


Plant that seed, make it grow and let it blossom…